Sometimes You Can't Forget.
Dedicated to somebody I love, and will never forget. 20/4/12
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there was a time


there used to be a poem
that was written for me
and a boy that had
written that poem
and a time when the
words felt true in my heart
and a time that I love him
on and off the chart
and we would argue
till the words became few

and those fights were more than a few but either way i knew him and i loved him

and as seasons passed
he became more of my past

but still there was a time.


I planted a seed every time I thought of you, now I’m lost in a forest.

What is your favorite romantic movie?

ex: Keith, The Notebook, Blue Valentine…

Inside You


My home in no other,
than being under your skin;
it’s the best place I have ever been.

I dreamed of crawling down your rib cage,
and to have swam through your veins.
I quenched to sneak a peak
at the depths of your thoughts,
or maybe lots;

But most of all I wanted to
plant my seeds in your heart,
and watch my roots grow fast,
and it was
dream come true
at last.

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i picked you,
the prettiest flower
in the field,
cut you open
squeezed out your love
cooked you down
let you flow through
my veins
let you dance
in my heart
let you consume me
as i consumed you
let you leave track marks
to remind me of
where you went
when we touched
each other,…

(Source: docmarek)

Intoxicating Words


kiss my lips
as you tenderly
pet my hips.
pull me close
and slowly take off
my clothes.
And when you breathe on my neck
you make
me a living wreck.
i want you so much
that i can’t
stop craving your touch.

so please feel free to
explore my body
with your hands.
& travel my heart
with your
sweet intoxicating art.

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